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HTML 5.1 nowość!

Witajcie !

W3C wprowadziło niedawno pewne zmiany dotyczące samego języka HTML5 🙂 .

Co dodano ? (pl) 

  • <picture> oraz  <srcset>  responsive images,
  • <details> oraz <summary elementy związane z „czytaj więcej”,
  • <menuitem> oraz type="context" umożliwia dodanie funkcjonalności w menu do przeglądarki,
  • <requestAnimationFrame> API pozwalające na bardziej efektowne animacje,}
  • HTMLMediaElement oraz srcObject elementy.

Usunięto (ang.):

  • ppCache.
  • Media Controllers.
  • The command API.
  • The usemap attribute on object.
  • The accessKeyLabel IDL attribute.
  • The form attribute is no longer valid for label.
  • The multiple attribute on input type="range".
  • hreflang andtype attributes on area.
  • The use of nested section elements each with an h1 to create an outline.
  • Special handling of isindex in form submission.
  • navigator.yieldForStorageUpdates() and the Storage mutex.
  • Disallow tfoot before tbody.
  • [Exposed=Window] for HTMLHyperLinkElementUtils, [Exposed=Window, Worker] for DOMStringMap and IDL Date.

Zmieniono (ang.):

  • The accesskey takes a single character as a value (as in HTML 4).
  • header and footer elements can be nested, if each level is within a sectioning element.
  • option elements can be empty.
  • The mousewheel event is called wheel.
  • The value attribute of input type="submit" is translatable.
  • A figcaption can appear anywhere within a figure.
  • Having title, or writing email to a friend does not make an img missing alt conformant.
  • The content of time is phrasing content, or text.
  • Blank alt on area elements with duplicate href attributes is no longer conformant.
  • When navigating internally, the next search for a link etc starts from where the navigation moved to.
  • img and related elements support width="0".
  • .tFoot and .createTFoot() always insert at the end of a table
  • fieldset and namedItem make HTMLCollections not HTMLFormControlsCollections and HTMLOptionsCollections.
  • frameElement can return null.
  • For images which don?t resolve currentSrc is the URL given to the resolver, not necessarily the absolute URL.
  • script IDL attributes reflect.
  • meta refresh allows ; or url= to be optional.
  • navigator.javaEnabled() is a method.
  • fileCallback is called blobcallback.
  • The toBlob() callback is non-nullable.
  • origin on HTMLHyperlinkElementUtils and Location is readonly.
  • The first title child of an SVG is its title, not the last.
  • can return null

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